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- Eduard Erasmus, AHOY Rotterdam


What is Horecasense?

Lately there is more pressure on the hospitality and catering industry from governments as well as society, to take measures to reduce sound nuisance and hearing loss.This is very difficult when you don’t have control over or insight in the sound levels of the venue. And it often means investing a lot of time, money and energy in expensive systems, but not with Horecasense.

Horecasense is used for continuous measuring and registration of sound levels in music venues. Hundreds of clubs and bars, in The Netherlands and Belgium (Leuven and Brussels) have been using the compact Horecasense system for many years.

It is a simple and smooth way for measuring, monitoring and registration of sound emission in your venue. Thus you will keep control of sound emission, but also avert complaints, fines and hearing loss. By installing Horecasense you comply with the Belgium legislation for amplified noise (Versterkt Geluid).

The Horecasense-set consists of one or more sound sensors and a display for direct insight in current sound levels. The measured levels are stored online for further analysis, for instance at a later time. More information about the system please click here.

Our system is affordable and easy to use. It is simple and quick to install, by us, a sound expert or yourself.

Horecasense in your venue? Ofcourse!

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Horecasense Set

  • Sound sensor

    Sound sensor

    Small, wireless and energy efficient sensors, that are easily installable (IEC61672:2003, class 2). These are installed in a representative place in the venue. The sensors measure dB(A) and dB(C) levels and are fed through USB.

  • Display


    Optional is a 8” Android tablet (or larger) on which the Horecasense-app is already pre-installed for you. With this application you can immediately check all sound levels.

  • Horecasense portal

    Horecasense portal

    By logging into the Horecasense portal you can view all, current and historical, sound levels in your venue. The Horecasense portal is accessible through every web browser, which makes it possible to check sound levels anywhere and anytime. These levels are displayed in clear graphics and reports. It is also possible to set notifications and create daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Legislation and enforcement

Hearing damage is a broad and social problem. Not only do entrepreneurs of music venues or of the hospitality and catering industry feel the pressure to reduce hearing loss of their public, but the public also expects local governments to control, maintain, legislate and take measures when necessary.
To create more awareness and tackle the problem a new approach is the collaboration between government and branch organizations to prevent irreversible hearing damage together. Cities such as Leuven and Brussels are good examples of this.

Horecasense in Leuven

Together with the catering establishments, the city of Leuven made the same system mandatory for all clubs and bars. The city of Leuven chose Horecasense for many reasons. The noise levels are measured and stored online and, if necessary, reports the noise levels online to the city of Leuven. The city of Leuven limits noise nuisance for residents and prevents hearing loss for the public this way.

Thus, since 2014, Horecasense demonstrably improves noise management in Leuven at considerably lower enforcement costs.

Legislation Amplified Sound Brussels

The Brussels legislation on Amplified Sound (versterkt geluid – son amplifié) was enforced in 2018. All Brussels event organizers that amplify sound indoors or outdoors had to comply with the new legislation Amplified Sound to protect the public against noise nuisance and hearing damage.

Important aspects of this legislation were raising awareness among all concerned and informing visitors about the health risks of intense or prolonged exposure to amplified sound. The wireless Horecasense system was certified by the City of Brussels. By choosing Horecasense you meet the requirements for displaying and registration of the sound that are defined in the legislation.

Comply to the legislation amplified sound, without restricting the creativity of the artists? Order your Horecasense system here.

About Munisense

Horecasense is a product of Munisense B.V.

About Munisense B.V.

Munisense creates, supplies and manages innovative, realtime measurement and actuation solutions, for companies, cities and governments. An experienced team of professionals develops the software and hardware for our applications. Our services give immediate online insight in sound and water levels and quality and air quality. The data is transformed in clear and useable information for every type of user.

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